2020 – looking for wedding flowers?

Getting married in 2020!
Congratulations. What a fantastic way to start off a new decade.

If you are looking for some fun, textural and modern flowers for your wedding, something out of the ordinary then we hope you like the following suggestions we have for your 2020 wedding.

Unique Bouquet Shape

Why not be a little different and go for a custom bouquet shape? There are many different options these days, but a unique shape helps your wedding standout from the crowd. This bouquet was created for our recent styled shoot in Heathcote and was carried by our Bride in the crook of her arm.

Photo: Cadence and Grace Photography

Texture, Texture, Texture

Dried botanicals add such an interesting element to modern wedding flowers. A nod to the past but in a modern and stylish way. Using a variety of different materials from dried pods, to feathers and different silks is one of our favourite styles at the moment. These bouquets were created by Sally (The Paperdoll Factory) for Emily and Tom’s wedding in March 2019.

Photo: Sarah Godenzi Photography

Custom Ceremony Installation

The Ceremony is the first time your family and friends are going to see you and your partner together and you want something which will compliment your wedding theme. Think outside the box and let your florist create something unique and magical for your special day.

Photo: Cadence and Grace Photography

If you are getting married in 2020 in Melbourne or surrounding regions and looking for a wedding florist to create for you something unique and magical then we would love to hear from you.

You can view our Pricing Guide here.

Thanks for stopping by our little studio.